Redrock Alligator

The Redrock Alligator silage grabs come in various working widths and cutting heights. The 85 and 100 series are suitable for both front and wheel loaders, small as well as large ones. The capacity ranges from 0.95 to 2.10 cubic metres. On top of the 85 and 100 series, Redrock has also introduced the Alligator 130 series silage grabs. The 130 series is suitable for the larger telescopic loader and shovel. The capacity ranges from 2.00 to 3.80 cubic metres.

Below is a summary of available Alligator models with the corresponding technical data:

Alligator 85-serie

ModelCutting openingDepthWorking widthBlock contentsWeight
Alligator 140-8585 cm80 cm140 cm0,95 m3520 kg
Alligator 160-8585 cm80 cm160 cm1,10 m3565 kg
Alligator 180-8585 cm80 cm180 cm1,25 m3665 kg
Alligator 180-85/3 *85 cm80 cm180 cm1,25 m3700 kg
Alligator 200-8585 cm80 cm200 cm1,40 m3765 kg
Alligator 220-85/2**85 cm80 cm220 cm1,55 m3825 kg
Alligator 220-85/3 *85 cm80 cm220 cm1,55 m3900 kg
* With middle blade
** Includes pressure regulator and flow divider

Alligator 100-serie

ModelCutting openingWorking widthDepthBlock contentsWeight
Alligator 180-100100 cm180 cm85 cm1,50 m3900 kg
Alligator 200-100100 cm200 cm85 cm1,75 m3975 kg
Alligator 240-100/2**100 cm240 cm85 cm2,10 m31100 kg
Alligator 240-100/3*100 cm240 cm85 cm2,10 m31150 kg
* With middle blade
** Includes pressure regulator and flow divider

Alligator 130-serie

ModelCutting openingDepthWorking widthBlock contentsWeight
Alligator 160-130130 cm95 cm160 cm2,00 m31150 kg
Alligator 180-130130 cm95 cm180 cm2,25 m31250 kg
Alligator 200-130130 cm95 cm200 cm2,50 cm1350 kg
Alligator 240-130 **130 cm95 cm240 cm2,90 m31550 kg
Alligator 300-130 *130 cm95 cm300 cm3,80 m31850 kg
* With middle blade
** Includes pressure regulator and flow divider

■ Max. working pressure without pressure regulator 210 bar.
■ All blockcutters come standard without brackets and without hydraulic hoses.

For the above-mentioned models a number of accessories is also available. This includes different kinds of attachments, hydraulic elements and so on. These options are explained in more detail in the section “accessories for silage blockcutters”.

All Redrock silage blockcutter models are characterised by the following features:

  • All blades of the cutting shield are bolted on
  • The corner points are bolted on
  • The main hinge pins are adjustable, the pins of the 85- and 100-series have a diameter of 45 mm, the 130-series even a 60 mm diameter
  • The side plates of the cutting shields are 15 mm thick
  • The 85-, 100- and 130-series Alligator models are equipped with a special side guide for the cutting shield for additional stability during the cutting process
  • All models with tines are equipped with heavy duty tines with the outer rounded tines having a diameter of 50 mm.

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