Redrock Flat Trailers

Redrock flat trailers are designed and built to work in the most demanding conditions. Superior techniques are applied to all aspects of the trailers, from a strong and stable chassis to the sturdy, modern bodywork.

Versatile Redrock Flat trailers at Bromach

Standard Features Include

■ 8 stud axles (12 tonne)
■ 10 stud axles (16 tonne)
■ Removable front headboard
■ Rear bale rack 90 cm
■ Side crash rails
■ Rear underrun protection
■ Toolbox
■ 2-line Air Break System
■ Hydraulic jack
■ On 385/65 R22.5 tyres

Flat Trailer Options

■ Sprung drawbar
■ Bale rack
■ K80 Spoon Hitch


12 ton6,7 meter2,5 meter
12 ton7,3 meter2,5 meter
12 ton7,9 meter2,5 meter

16 ton8,5 meter2,5 meter
16 ton9,1 meter2,5 meter
16 ton9,7 meter2,5 meter