Redrock dump trailers

For the toughest jobs you need the toughest dump trailers. The Redrock Dump Trailer has an innovative fold-down hydraulic tail door configuration to make tipping easier and safer.

Redrock dump trailers are equipped with vertical support for the container, which is integrated in the chassis. This offers the highest possible stability. All dump trailers are equipped as standard with a sprung drawbar, resulting in more comfort and a longer operating life.

All Redrock dump trailers are standardly delivered with the following specifications:

  • Wide bottom to enable machine bucket to empty
  • 10 mm thick steel bottom
  • 6 mm thick steel walls
  • 10 stud bogie or sprung axles
  • Sprung drawbar
  • Hydraulic tail door
  • Wheels 385/65 R 22.5 (24 Tons dumptrailer with 560/60 R22.5)
  • Two tipping cylinders
  • 2-line air brake system

Options for Dump Trailers

  • Commercial axles c/w 420×180 brakes
  • K80 Spoon Hitch Option
  • Swivel hitch eye

14 Tons dump trailer8,60 m3
16 Tons dump trailer9,80 m3
18 Tons dump trailer11,00 m3
20 Tons dump trailer11,90 m3
24 Tons dump trailer13,90 m3