Redrock Grassforks

Redrock Grass Forks are ideal for those who are looking for a robust machine that is able to achieve high-capacity results. Redrock grass forks are most suitable as add-ons for telescopic loaders and loader wagons. The large working widths allow for large amounts of grass to be processed.

Model series:

ModelWorking width (cm)Hydraulic push-off mechanismHydraulic foldingTransport width (cm)
Grassfork 235*234YesNo235
Grassfork 260*260YesNo260
Grassfork 280282NoNo282
Grassfork 300300YesNo300
Grassfork 365366NoYes245
Grassfork 420**420NoYes245
Grassfork 480**480NoYes245
* 3 point linkage ** Hardox tines