Redrock Standard Slurry Pumps

Redrock Standard slurry pumps are fitted as add-ons in the tractor power lift. Using the standard supplied hydraulic top link, the pump can easily be placed in the slurry pit. The “Standard” series is suitable for tractors from 80 hp to provide a capacity of approx. 12 m3/min.

Standard version Slurry Pumps:

  • Galvanized
  • Hydraulic top link
  • Special rotor to prevent blockages
  • Adjustable nozzle
  • PTO with shear bolt protection
  • Quick-release coupling bar for easy assembly to the tractor
  • 6″ connection with shut-off

Specifications Standard Slurry Pumps:

TypeWorking depthPTO shaft rPM
1951,65 – 1,95 m540 omw./minuut
2101,80 – 2,10 m540 omw./minuut
2402,10 – 2,40 m540 omw./minuut
2702,40 – 2,70 m540 omw./minuut
3002,70 – 3,00 m540 omw./minuut
3303,00 – 3,30 m540 omw./minuut
3603,30 – 3,60 m540 omw./minuut
4003,60 – 4,00 m540 omw./minuut

Redrock Slurry pumps have a number of remarkable features: enormous capacity, simple but very sound and sustainable construction, as well as low-maintenance operation. All slurry pump models are suitable for the circulating, mixing and pumping of slurry.

What makes Redrock slurry pumps low maintenance?

Thanks to the special bearing (the central drive shaft runs through a plastic bushing) the slurry pump qualifies as very low maintenance. In addition, the propulsion of the drive shaft takes place via an oversized gearbox, which is of exceptional quality. You save time and maintenance costs – a very attractive and decisive factor for many endusers.

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