Redrock Alligator with Mast

Alligator Blockcutters complete with Mast and Hydraulic Push Off

ModelCutting openingDepthWorking WidthBlock contentsWeight
Alligator 180-100 HA100 cm180 cm85 cm1,50 m31325 kg
Alligator 200-100 HA100 cm200 cm85 cm1.75 m31400 kg
Alligator 160-130 HA130 cm160 cm95 cm2.00 m31100 kg
Alligator 180-130 HA130 cm180 cm95 cm2.25 m31700 kg
Alligator 200-130 HA130 cm200 cm95 cm2.50 m31800 kg

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