Redrock Vari-Cut Feeder Wagons

The Vari-Cut mixer-feeder series combines optimal mixing with minimum power requirements. ‘Pulping’ is avoided thanks to the so-called unforced Mixing Arm system. The Vari-Cut mixer-feeder series is fitted with the so-called Mixing Arm system. This is a slowly rotating, unforced system which creates an excellent and very airy mixture. The mixing arm system is also used for loading moist by-products without turning them into pulp.

The mixer-feeder comes standard with a reversing gear for the mixing reel. During the mixing process, the feed product is “pushed” through the very effective cutting mechanism. The direction of the rotation of the mixing reel is reversed for discharge, and thus the feed is scooped into the dedicated auger.

This auger is not running during the mixing process to prevent the feed from turning into pulp. Following the discharge, the mixer-feeder is entirely empty; no residual feed is left in the wagon. The mixer-feeders start at 12 m3 and run up to as much as a respectable 30 m3. All models can be fitted with a non-programmable weighing device, if so required. Thanks to the robust construction, you will be pleasantly surprised by the low maintenance costs and the long operating life.

Advantages of the Redrock Mixing Arm mixer-feeders:

Redrock Mixing Arm mixer-feeders generate a feed structure to optimise the process from feed to milk production. Hard-to-mix products, such as long grass and straw, are cut to the right length: short enough to be taken in by the mixture, and yet long enough to stimulate the rumen of the cow. Since the feed structure (and therefore the stimulus) is retained, this will largely reduce the need for adding structure (e.g. straw). The animals will better digest the feed, which will increase the milk production. The Redrock mixing reel treats the feed in a very careful manner.

Perfectly mixed

Moist products as well as e.g. sugar beet can also be perfectly mixed without being minced; the structure and the nutritional value of the feed are also retained in such instances. As the wagon is completely empty following the discharge process and no residual feed is left behind, there is no imminent danger of fungi in the feed. Redrock mixer-feeders run at a very low RPM setting without augers to process the feed. For that reason, the required operating power is very low. This results in very low fuel consumption – day after day, year after year. And another benefit: Redrock mixer-feeders can be pulled by a relatively small tractor. Among the practical examples is a 20m3 wagon running with a 60 hp tractor.

In short:

  • Optimum preservation of the structure
  • Perfect mixing, also moist products
  • Feed is cut at the right length; optimal rumen stimulation
  • Less need for adding structure, e.g. by way of straw
  • Improved animal health
  • No residual feed inside the wagon after discharge
  • Very low power required
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Few rapidly rotating parts — long service life
  • Low maintenance costs

Technical data:

TypeContent (m3)Total lengthTotal widthTotal heightFilling heightUnloadPower requirement (kW/PK)Tires
16 FD16644 cm260 cm292 cm250 cmright front / cross belt rear51/70385/65R22.5
20 FD20744 cm260 cm292 cm250 cmright front / cross belt rear59/80385/65R22.5
24 FD24780 cm297 cm310 cm275 cmright front / cross belt rear67/90445/65R22.5
30 FD30880 cm297 cm310 cm275 cmright front / cross belt rear75/100445/65R22.5